How to use a Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner

The Vax Platinum Power Max is designed to make cleaning your carpets as effective and efficient as possible and this guide will help you get the most out of your machine.

Remember to check the safety guidelines in the user guide before using your Platinum Power Max for the first time. Always test all carpets/rugs/upholstery before full usage. Run the carpet washer over a small hidden area. If no damage or pile distortion occurs continue cleaning.

Working its magic deep down in the fibres of your carpet, your Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner will help to remove stains and make your floor coverings fluffy, clean and pleasantly fragrant. An invaluable tool when cleaning up spills and accidents, it’s easily incorporated into your regular cleaning routine. Washing every 6-8 months will not only leave your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh, but it will prolong its life and help to avoid the expensive costs of carpet replacement.

Getting started

Before using the Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner, there are several things you can do to prepare for a proper carpet clean.

  1. Clear the area as much as possible, so you can navigate quickly and easily around your home.
  2. Have a quick vacuum around the area before you begin carpet washing to remove any surface debris, as this will help prevent your carpet cleaner from getting clogged.
  3. Fill the clean water tank on your carpet cleaner with warm water (max 40oc) and cleaning solution. We recommend the Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution, our best performing carpet washer solution.
  4. Now you’re ready to go!

Tip: always plan your route. For best practice, start in the far corner and work your way back to the door.


Before you go any further, take this opportunity to check your carpet for marks and stains. These can really benefit from pre-treatment, using the Vax Pre-treatment Wand, included with the Vax Platinum Power Max.

  1. Put Vax Pre-treatment Solution in the clean water tank.
  2. Plug in the wand and turn the machine on.
  3. The wand will produce a fine spray to put on the mark or stain.
  4. Leave this on your carpet for 15 minutes and then begin your full carpet wash.

Carpet washing

  1. Switch you carpet cleaner on.
  2. Move slowly forward with it, holding down the trigger. As you do so, the cleaning solution is released into the pile and the rotating brush bar agitates the fibres, providing deep down cleaning.
  3. Release the trigger and pull the carpet cleaner backwards over the spot you’ve just cleaned. As you pull backwards on your carpet cleaner, it will suck everything up into the dirty water tank, keeping it separate from the clean water.
  4. Continue moving backwards and forwards, moving smoothly and more slowly than you would a regular vacuum cleaner. Repeat up to four times in the same area and work your way across the entire room.
  5. To leave your carpets as dry as possible, use more dry passes (pulling back with trigger released) than wet passes.

The Vax Platinum Power Max comes with a hose and upholstery tool included so you can clean not only your carpets but also your sofas, stairs, car seats and footwells. Plug it in and you’re good to roam, just remember not to let your carpets and other surfaces get too wet!


Now your carpet is clean it’s time to get drying. The quick clean mode on the Platinum Power Max can leave your carpets dry in under an hour*. If it’s warm and summery outside, open the windows and ventilate the room with fresh air. If it’s just too cold for that, put the central heating on for a couple of hours and this will aid the drying process.

Empty out the water tanks in your carpet cleaner and put it away safely for next time.

When all is done, grab yourself a job-well-done cuppa and relax! You have arrived at carpet perfection.


*In quick clean mode.

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