The wet and muddy survival guide for your home


We tend to see a lot of rain this time of the year, this kind of weather can bring a lot of mud into your home! Muddy footprints, soggy pawprints and debris can be trod in throughout your home. But don’t panic, we have put together a wet and muddy survival guide to help free your carpets and hard floors of mud and keep the germs at bay.

Place a mat at all entrances

To stop mud entering your home place a mat inside and outside of every entrance of your home. Make sure to use a mat which is up for the job, a scraper mat placed outside of your door will allow people to scrape dirt and debris off their shoes before coming into your home. For the inside of your home place an interior mat that will help to remove any dirt and water from shoes.

Interior mats can get very muddy, but with the help of the Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer you will be ready to deal with this quickly and easily and kill over 99% of bacteria*. The Active Jet Spray helps you target the water and antibacterial solution on any unwanted mud stains.

Shoes off

You can stop mud in its tracks by taking off your shoes as you enter your home. This can cut down on the spread of mud throughout your home and possible transmission of bacteria on your floors. This can be a tough habit to get into, but to make things easier why not set up a bench where you can easily sit down and remove your shoes.

Umbrella stand

A dripping umbrella left next to muddy shoes at the front door can cause bad smells and a wet floor. To prevent this, place an umbrella stand by your front door to spare your floor from getting wet as you enter your home.

Teach dogs to stay on the mat

Owning a dog can be messy, especially in this weather. Anything from taking them out for a walk or simply letting them out into the garden can bring a muddy mess back into your home.

To prevent the mud entering try teaching your dog to stay on the mat until you have had time to wipe their muddy paws and body with a towel. This will help reduce the amount of mud entering your home.

Tackle muddy carpets

If mud manages to get past your door mats in the forms of muddy footprints or pawprints and ends up on your carpets then why not try the Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner. With its patented SpinScrub hand tool and 2.5m long hose, you can tackle dirt and stains throughout the home, from stairs, upholstery and even in the car. It also removes over 99% of bacteria** that can cause bad smells in your home.

If you’re struggling to get rid of stubborn mud stains, consider using a carpet cleaner such as the Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Cleaner. It has a pre-treatment wand which allows you to spray a jet of cleaning solution directly on the stain before cleaning your carpet. Along with this the XL brush bar and patented SpinScrub technology in the Platinum Power Max agitates and lifts away deep-down dirt from your carpet fibres.

Tackle muddy hard floors

With the help of the VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner you can keep your hard floors free of mud. The Vax ONEPWR Glide takes the effort out of cleaning hard floors because it vacuums, washes and dries – all at the same time. Also, when using the Glide with Vax ONEPWR solution, it kills 99.9% of bacteria*. The Vax ONEPWR Glide is also equipped with an auto clean system, so once you have finished washing your hard floors, the auto clean system rinses the machine mess free, to make cleaning as easy as possible.

* When used with ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution.

** When used with Vax Platinum Antibacterial solution, use biocides safely, always read the label & product information before use.

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