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No Steam From My Steam Cleaner!

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No steam coming from your steam cleaner? Vax’s top tips can help

Steam cleaners are a fantastic way to keep floors and surfaces in your home hygienic and dirt-free, tackling grease and grime and breaking-down stubborn and sticky dirt. However, if you’re not getting the full effect of powerful steam delivery, or if nothing is coming out of your steam cleaner at all, there are lots of simple reasons that can be addressed easily!

If you’ve lost delivery of steam from your cleaner there are plenty of simple explanations and things that you can check and put right yourself:

  • Is there any water in the tank? It might take a little while to get used to how far you can clean before more water is required, but try to avoid attempting to use your steam cleaner ‘dry’ where possible. Always switch the steam cleaner off and allow time for cooling before removing the water tank to refill. Remember, you don’t need to completely fill the tank if you’re only cleaning a small area.
  • Is the machine successfully switched on? There is likely to be a ‘power’ light to indicate this on your cleaner. If there is no power but you have switched on at the wall, then it may be that the fuse has blown or there is a problem with your electricity supply or the plug socket used.
  • Some models, such as the Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus have a steam control dial, allowing you to control the velocity of the steam delivered. Make sure this is initially set to the highest setting – you can always then reduce the velocity of the steam as you need during use.
  • Ensure that your water tank cap is securely fitted. The cap on most cleaner’s tanks help to maintain the pressure and seal the steam in the unit, so need to be securely fastened. Check your cleaner’s user guide for specific advice, but sometimes the cap must be pushed down and turned until tight, just like a childproofed medicine bottle.
  • Many models include a child lock feature for safety reasons. Ensure this is not set to ‘safe.’ Generally, the trigger on your steam cleaner cannot be depressed when the lock is activated.
  • Finally, check your steam cleaner for blockages. Again, this is a time to check the user guide of your cleaner to see where you can check, but steam mops generally allow you to check the steam exit point for blockages, and you can check the hose of a canister-style steam cleaner too. Clearly, it is important to turn the machine off and unplug prior to carrying out any checks. The most common cause of such a blockage is ‘furring’ as a result of limescale build-up from hard water areas. The hard water filter in your steam cleaner should be replaced on a regular basis to prevent this, particularly if you live in a hard water area. Filters for Vax Steam cleaners can be ordered here

If, having followed the above, you still do not get any steam delivering from the unit, the best route to follow is to contact your steam cleaner’s manufacturer for further assistance. Vax customer support can be reached on Twitter @vaxsupport or through our live chat Phone lines are open 9-5pm Monday-Thursday.

Did this advice help you get your steam cleaner back up and running? What are your top tips for looking after your steam cleaner? Leave a comment and share with everybody!

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  • cmcdaid

    Hi there. Thanks for your comment. There should be a powerful steam pressure from this model as it’s one of our best machines. Have you contacted the Vax customer support team? If not, you can do so here and they will be able to help you with any faults you’re experiencing. I hope this helps. Thanks,Christina

  • john Steele

    Hi. I just bought one and a little steam comes out but it’s constantly squirting water out the side. I have checked the exit points for blockages but they are clear.

  • mary wilson

    I bought this steam cleaner because it had the added advantage of being able to add detergent to the steam, very disappointed as this did not work, but no fault of Tesco, I spent over an hour on the chat line with customer services at VAX then finally they said they would send me a new water tank, this eventually arrived over two weeks later, tried it out and although it worked slightly it was still not as good as I had hoped for so very disappointed

  • Laura Simpson

    Hello, I have taken my steam cleaner apart and used the descaling pin as suggested but I am still not getting much steam at all, not like when I first purchased it. I saw in the blog it mentions a hard water filter in the cleaner. How do I get to this to clean it or replace it please? Also can you run descaler through the steamer? Thank you.

  • Richard Skidmore

    Hi Laura,
    We wouldn’t advise using descaler on your steam cleaner. This may be due to a blockage within the system. You can find a guide on how to clear blockages from steam cleaner on our support website- Alternatively, please contact our support team on 0330 026 8455.

  • Hi Laura,
    We wouldn’t advise using descaler on your steam cleaner. This may be due to a blockage within the system. You can find a guide on how to clear blockages from steam cleaner on our support website- Alternatively, please contact our support team on 0330 026 8455.

  • Hi Mavis,

    You can find a guide on how to unblock your steam cleaner on our support website Alternatively, please contact customer support on 0330 026 8455

  • Hi Lesley,

    How frequently do you use your steam cleaner? There may be a blockage from the water tank to the mop head causing the issue. If the problem persists please get in touch –


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