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Keeping Carpets Clean this Autumn


The cold weather reminds us why we love our homes so much and that nothing beats a cosy night in. These cosy nights can bring with them hot chocolate, mulled wine, tea and coffee leading to accidental spills. Until now you’d run for a sponge, a cloth, or handfuls of kitchen roll.

But with the Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer, you will always be ready to deal with unexpected messes, spills and stains quickly and easily. Whether it be muddy footprints or spilt drinks on your carpets, hard floors, upholstery and even your car interior, we have got you covered.  

Remove spills and stains

If you’re struggling to get rid of spills and stubborn stains, consider using a carpet cleaner such as the Vax Platinum Power Max to remove stains from carpets and upholstery.

The Vax Platinum Power Max has a dedicated pre-treatment wand attachment which allows you to spray a jet of solution directly onto embedded stains before you begin carpet cleaning.

For small spills or stains, the lightweight Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer can make light work of tackling unexpected spills and messes throughout the home.

Its small size makes it perfect for the occasional mishap or giving your car seats a quick clean. Its lightweight and compact design means the Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer can be stored away easily, being ready to go when you need it.

Remove muddy footprints

It’s great to get outdoors with the family, but there is one part that is not so good, the muddy footprints and muddy pawprints spread all over your carpets and hard floors after an enjoyable walk.

But fear not, with the Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer you’ll always be ready to deal with unexpected stains quickly and easily. It gets to work fast on your carpets, upholstery and car interior, plus, combined with Vax ONEPWR multi-floor solution, the Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer will not only help tackle stains, but also removes over 99% of bacteria*. So, no need to worry about potentially harmful germs on your floors and surfaces.

Cleaning Carpets in Busier homes

In homes with pets and children, your cordless vacuum will need to be able to handle those tougher cleaning tasks. The Vax ONEPWR Blade Pet range has been designed with busier homes in mind, so if you struggle to remove pet hair from your carpets then one of these cordless vacuum cleaners would be the perfect addition to your household.

Not only do our Blade 4 Pet and Blade 3 Pet cordless vacuums have antimicrobial protection on the brush bar, they also include a handy Mini Motorised Pet Tool so you can make light work of cleaning pet beds, car boots and upholstery. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and pet hair!

Clean more than just carpets

Dust and dirt don’t just settle on the floor, so make sure you have a cordless vacuum that can easily tackle hard to reach areas around the home. A Vax ONEPWR Blade can easily be turned into a handheld which is ideal for cleaning sofas and stairs, plus you can take advantage of its extra tools to reach into awkward gaps, up high and down low.

If you buy direct from Vax you will also receive a free toolkit worth over £50, allowing you to target areas which might not be part of your everyday cleaning routine.

* When used with ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution.

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