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Steam cleaning upholstery – Our top 5 tips!


Using a steam cleaner to refresh and clean upholstery

Steam cleaners and mops are becoming more and more popular. Why would you want to use different cloths and detergents to clean when one machine does it all?! Top uses for a steam cleaner typically include cleaning floors, bathroom surfaces, windows, cookers- but did you know you can also clean your upholstery? It’s a quick and easy way to remove stains and eliminate odours that often cling to upholsteries and fabrics with our top 5 tips.

Please note: Before using a steam cleaner on your upholstery, it is always wise to do a small test on an inconspicuous area of fabric to ensure it is compatible with steam cleaning.

Our tips:

  • Vacuum first

More often than enough, we eat drink, sit, sleep, and put our feet on our beloved fabrics and upholsteries. This will mean they have undergone various spills, marks, scuffs and accumulated a large build-up of dust, and what better way to clear the surface dirt than with a good vacuum?

You can use your ordinary vacuum cleaner hose and attachments to do this, by attaching your brush or upholstery tool to agitate the dirt for effective results. Or, if you’d like to add some glam to cleaning your upholstery, you can invest in a handy handheld vacuum cleaner. These are cordless, and great for quick jobs, rather than having to unwind your vacuum cleaner and attach tools to complete a quick clean.

With a traditional vacuum cleaner or a handheld, you have the option to get a machine with a TurboTool. This is great for cleaning upholsteries as the powered brushes rotate to agitate dirt and dust for spotless results.

Top tip:

When vacuuming your sofa, make sure to lift the cushions (if possible) and also vacuum underneath because the more dust you vacuum up, the easier it will be to steam clean your upholstery.

  • DIY

Hiring a steam cleaner is a popular choice, but you can save yourself the hassle and do it yourself, plus – you don’t know who used the rented steam cleaner before you, or what they’ve cleaned. There are plenty of Vax steam cleaners to choose from, ranging in price from traditional floor mops to multifunctional. In order to clean upholstery or any surfaces above the floor, purchasing a 2-in-1 or multifunctional handheld model is best. These come with hoses and tools to make the job much easier.

  • Pay special attention to any stained areas

Concentrate on stained areas for a better clean

You may notice that there are a few stained areas on your sofa, curtains or foot stool. These are the places you have to concentrate on most.

Begin by filling your steam cleaner with the required amounts of water and steam cleaning solution. You’ll now need to affix the steam cleaner’s upholstery attachment and adjust the cleaner’s strength to the proper setting. Make sure the level of steam pressure isn’t too high or it will leave your upholstery wetter.

Once the proper tool has been attached and the right amount of water and steam cleaning solution have been added, turn on your steam cleaner and begin the cleaning process. If any stained areas remain, repeat the steam cleaning process.

Now that you’ve made the necessary preparations, you’re ready to steam clean your upholstery.

  • Time to steam clean your upholstery

Using your steam cleaner’s upholstery attachment; apply your steamed water and cleaning solution to your furniture in long, even strokes. When performing this step, make sure to clean one area of your furniture at a time. If you wish to clean your cushions, remove them from the piece of upholstery you’re cleaning and proceed to steam clean both the front and back sides. If the cushions are not detachable, clean them in the same fashion as the other areas of your furniture to make them look like new.

  • Don’t stop now!

What else can you clean? You can clean your sofa, curtains, mattresses, duvets, suits, and clothes. Whatever you can get your hands on! Steam cleaning is effective in killing dust mites in carpet, bedding and upholstery as well as getting rid of odours and stains, so the world’s your oyster.

Having successfully steam cleaned your upholstery, you will need to allow your freshly cleaned furniture to fully dry before using/sitting on it. It won’t take long, a matter of minutes and you can relax with your freshly cleaned upholstery!

Top tip:

keep windows open or turn the heat up for a speedier drying time.

If you have any steam cleaning tips or tricks, please comment below.

Happy cleaning!

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