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Scrooge’s Guide to Christmas Cleaning

It’s that time of year when the festive spirit grows every day leading up to Christmas. The decorations have been brought out of hibernation from the attic and the Christmas themed playlist is getting regular airtime on the radio. As adults, the magic of Christmas is still there, but our responsibilities can sometimes take the fun out of it. Have you got presents for everyone? Who should you send Christmas cards to this year? Have you got enough time to visit all the relatives?

If you’re a host this year, amongst all the other responsibilities such as cooking and entertaining, a big part of our Christmas chores is cleaning. At this time of year, it can seem never-ending, with streams of torn wrapping paper, trails of crumbs from festive nibbles and a few stains here and there from a gravy boat or glass of red wine. You may have already thought about your cleaning strategy for this Christmas and we’re here to help you overcome the ghosts of cleaning future, past and present, so you don’t become a Scrooge!

Ghost of Cleaning Future

When expecting guests, you’ll most likely want your house not only looking, but smelling great. A quick run around with the vacuum cleaner can do the job, but using scented vacuum granules can make your rooms smell fresh as well, avoiding any dusty odours that may be present from a well used vacuum.

You may be spending a lot of time in the kitchen during Christmas, so you’ll want to ensure that this space is clean and tidy in preparation. Not only will you want it to be clean, but also hygienic. Our steam cleaners are ideal for the kitchen, ensuring your hard floors will not only look clean, but also smelling fresh. What’s more, our Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner, not only cleans floors, but other surfaces as well, such as ovens, work-surfaces and tiling, utilising bacteria-killing heat treatment meaning that you can be sure that any food preparation will be as clean as possible.

Ghost of Cleaning Present

It’s always good to prepare for the inevitable. With the sheer amount of food on offer during Christmas, it’s impossible to avoid the odd spill, leading to crumbs or stains on your floors. If left unchecked, the crumbs can get trodden into carpet fibres, or stains becoming permanent. You’ll need a swift solution ready for when this does happen, but you can’t keep your vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner with you at all times of course. If you have a handheld vacuum cleaner, keep it somewhere easily accessible so you can get those crumbs up as quickly as possible. This is important if you have a lot of guests in the living room where you may have lighter coloured carpets. Pre-Christmas dinner snacks are bound to find their way to the floor somehow, so keep that handheld vacuum cleaner tucked away, ready for the occasion.

Spills and stains will always be at the back of our minds when hosting, but you won’t have the time to get out the carpet cleaner when this does happen, so a quick solution will be needed. Our StainShot treatment is ideal for this situation. First, soak up any excess liquid from the stain with a kitchen towel or cloth, then apply the StainShot. This will help breakdown the stain for easier cleaning later.

Ghost of Cleaning Past

When you’ve eaten your body weight in roast potatoes and festive chocolate and all the guests are leaving, you’re faced with the mess left over. Hopefully, a lot of it is confined to the dinner table, with only one or two spills onto the floor. Your handheld vacuum cleaner will have seen plenty of action by now. With a quick assessment, you can decide whether to leave the big cleaning jobs until the next day or to tackle them now.

With spills like gravy or red wine, a wet paper towel won’t get rid of the stain unfortunately. If the weather is looking cold and wet, you may also find a few muddy stains in your carpet as well. It’s time to get out the carpet cleaner to get those carpets back to how they looked. Remember to do a thorough vacuum to pick up those inevitable crumbs and apply carpet cleaning solution to the clean water tank. You can find a range of carpet cleaning solutions from our detergents range which are superb for removing carpet stains.

Unfortunately, you’ll also have to revisit those work surfaces, most likely sporting new stubborn marks and stains and we haven’t even got to the oven yet. Most common culprits for making your oven messy are gravy spills on the hob, turkey fat against the oven door and oil stains from the roast potatoes. If you’ve already used the steam cleaner on these areas before your guests arrived, then you’ll know there is a solution at hand. Going over the kitchen again with a multi surface steam cleaner will cut through those Christmas stains in no time.

We hope you have a great Christmas!

Hopefully the cleaning jobs don’t turn you into a Scrooge this Christmas and our solutions will help keep on top of that mess. From all of us here at Vax, have a Merry Christmas!

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