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Why you need a dehumidifier this winter – Don’t let wet clothes put a dampener on your home


Look out the window… it’s cold, it’s wet, its damp, but at least it’s just outside… right?

Well, probably not….

Here are a few common damp issues you may or may not even realise you might have around your home with some useful tips on how to tackle the damp with the right dehumidifier for you.


Drying clothes

Washing your clothes can be a chore, drying your clothes even more so, but surely it can’t be a health hazard? You’d be surprised.

Clothes draped over drying frames or warm radiators can raise moisture levels in your home by up to 30%, creating the perfect breeding conditions for mould spores. [1]

Mould spores can cause coughing and wheeziness in asthma sufferers, and may even be irreparable, and sometimes fatal to those with weak or damaged immune systems, causing damage to the lungs and sinuses.[2]

Humid air can also cause house dust mite growth which combined with mould growth can both irritate eczema.[3]

Unless you are able to dry your clothes in a well ventilated room over the winter months, it’s hard to prevent the mould spores breeding, however there is a solution.

The Vax Power Extract range of dehumidifiers removes excess moisture from the air which helps to reduce the time it takes clothes to dry. The fan automatically runs on high to help you clothes dry faster.

By placing a dehumidifier in your laundry room, this both helps dry clothes as well as reduces the growth of mould and mildew by containing the excess moisture which is released from the damp clothes.



As it gets colder outside, it’s more than likely your heating gets turned up inside to counteract this.

This contrast in temperatures creates an increase in condensation, generates moisture which builds up on you windows, which if ignored will eventually cause mould and damp.

The Vax Power Extract range of dehumidifiers remove more moisture with less energy* and are a quick and effective solution to reducing damp and condensation in your home during the winter months, and help make it a healthier place to relax over the winter months.



We all have our winter comforts, and food is usually top of the list!

Unfortunately, gone are the days of lunch in a pub garden or an impromptu barbeque. It’s now time for hibernation and home meals become ever more popular as it gets colder.

But while you’re “Masterchefing” in your kitchen, don’t’ forget that the pots of water you’re boiling and the kettle you’ve left on  will release warm moisture back into the air, which again create perfect conditions for breeding mould spores.

To prevent this, try to keep your kitchen ventilated by opening a window or switching on an extractor fan. Covering pots and pans with a lid will also help reduce the amount of moisture released in the air and will also help keep the heat from escaping.

However, if in doubt, the Vax Power Extract range of dehumidifiers also have a built in humidistat which monitor the humidity in the room and automatically changes the fan speed to maintain your chosen humidity, which may be a simpler solution to tacking the excess moisture in the air.


Learn more about the Vax Power Extract range of dehumidifiers and which one is right for you by watching this useful video:



* Compared to Dimplex Forte 10L, Dimplex Forte 16L and Dimplex Forte 20L, . Independently tested.





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