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How can I benefit from an Air Purifier?


Vax APO3 Air Purifier

There are many ways each and every one of us can benefit from an Air Purifier. You don’t have to have allergies, hay fever or smoke to benefit from one, however these are the main reasons why people purchase air purifiers. They can improve your indoor environment dramatically whether you live in an urban population, rural population, you’re a pet owner or a new parent- they can impact each of these living environments in different, but positive ways.

What does it do?

Put simply, an air purifier removes smoke, dust, pollen, odours, allergens, mould spores, bacteria and viruses from the air. It then releases pure clean fresh air for you to breathe, helping you maintain a healthier and cleaner home environment.

Why would I buy one?

We spend so much time cleaning around us to ensure our homes, children and pets are clean. We even filter our water- but what about the air we breathe? Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, meaning every day our lungs breathe in pollution, dust, allergens, pet dander that can cause us to cough, sneeze and have a disturbed sleep. By cleaning our air, we are cleaning our lungs.

Allergies are increasing, city populations are growing and living spaces are reducing and with this come increased smoke, pollen and dust particles and living in a smaller space can make it harder to remove cooking and pet smells. An Air Purifier can help improve the quality of air we breathe no matter where we live.

A lot of people buy these machines to improve their general health, reduce allergens, reduce dust, reduce asthma triggers, reduce odours and so on and it is common that people who buy one will then go on to buy multiple for various rooms.

Why Vax Air Purifiers?

All Vax Air Purifiers have a built In HEPA filter that removes 99.9% of all airborne particles, not to mention all of our machines have been awarded The British Allergy Seal of Approval. Vax and Asthma UK are working together to increase awareness of asthma triggers and how to manage them. For advice on your asthma triggers, visit

What are the noticeable benefits?

  • Lingering smells from cooking, pets and smoke are noticeably reduced
  • Breathing cleaner air while we sleep means a deeper, uninterrupted sleep
  • Helps hay fever and allergy sufferers by removing pollen and allergens from the air so less coughing, sneezing, and again a better night’s sleep
  • Improves your indoor environment and air quality significantly
  • Reduces dust particles

If you’re still not convinced, you can read our 5* reviews on the Vax APO1 for smaller rooms, the AP02 for medium sized rooms and APO3 for larger rooms to see how everyday people benefit from Air Purifiers.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comment section below. Happy cleaning!

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