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5 easy steps to achieving professional carpet cleaning results yourself

Working its magic deep down in the fibres of your carpet, you can achieve superb carpet cleaning results with a VAX carpet cleaner. For some, renting a carpet cleaner seems like the only option to achieving a professional carpet clean, but doing it yourself has a lot more benefits and gives you amazing results fast.

There’s nothing quite like the momentary panic when a glass of red wine or cup of coffee spills onto your carpet. A carpet cleaner is an invaluable tool when cleaning up spills and accidents, it’s easily incorporated into your regular cleaning routine.

Regular use will not only leave your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh, but it will prolong its life and help to avoid the expensive costs of carpet replacement. Read our 5 easy steps for professional results you can easily achieve yourself:

Prepare your carpets

First, clear the area as much as possible so that you can navigate quickly and easily around your home. Remove any large obstacles and plan your route ahead of time. Make sure you start cleaning your carpets in the far corner and work your way back to the door.

Vacuum first!

You should always give your carpets a thorough vacuum before you use a carpet cleaner. This should lift the majority of large dirt and debris trapped within the carpet pile and prevent your carpet cleaner from getting clogged.

Target high traffic areas

Where in your home gets trampled on the most? Perhaps it’s the hallway entrance or maybe your living room. Target these areas first with our pre-treatment solution and pre-treatment wand included with the Platinum Power Max carpet cleaner. Spray the concentrated solution on the affected areas, let it sit for roughly 30 minutes and clean with a carpet cleaner. This will lift your carpet pile and any embedded, discoloured stains.

Use the best cleaning solution for the ultimate clean

There are various bottles of solutions to choose from, so how do you know what’s right for you? Our Platinum Professional solution is our best performing solution to deep clean your carpets and remove tough stubborn stains! Visit the VAX website to choose from a variety of pet, allergy and fragrance options for that overdue clean and to guarantee best results.

Don’t forget to clean upholstery, stairs and mattresses

If you’ve chosen a machine with an upholstery tool, then take advantage of all it has to offer. You can clean stairs (a high traffic area), sofas, and mattresses using the stretch hose and attachment. This way you gain a total home clean and get professional results all around your home, not just beneath your feet.

Now all you have to do is sit back, if it’s a nice day, open the windows, or alternatively turn on the heat and in as little as an hour your carpets will be dry. Getting professional carpet cleaning results yourself is easy with a VAX carpet cleaner.

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