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5 easy steps to achieving professional carpet cleaning results yourself

Carpet Washing

Give your carpets a deep clean with a Vax carpet cleaner

You can achieve professional carpet cleaning results all by yourself with a Vax carpet cleaner and we make it even easier with our 5 simple steps. For some, renting a carpet cleaner seems like the only option to achieving a professional carpet clean- but doing it yourself has a lot more benefits and gives you amazing results fast.

There’s nothing quite like the momentary panic when a glass of red wine or cup of coffee spills onto your carpet. The sight is fairly common in living rooms up and down the country, and has probably happened to us more times than we want to admit, but don’t panic, Vax carpet cleaners are here to save the day. Owning a carpet cleaner eliminates the panic and dabbing of kitchen roll because in a few simple steps, your stain will be gone.

Our furry, four legged friends and lovely cream carpets never seem to work well together. Pets have a habit of running through the house un-announced and muddy pawed, and if you’re going to spend all that money getting carpets, you want to invest in them. A great benefit of having a carpet cleaner in your cupboard means you’re ready to go in no time. Stress lines will reduce, and nails have a chance to grow. It’s a win win!

Just like you need a vacuum to pick up dirt and crumbs, you also need your own carpet cleaner ready for a re-fresh or accidental stain. A carpet cleaner will revitalise your carpets and bring them back to life! You can use it as often as you like, we recommend a few times a year to give your carpets a deep clean, and any spills or stains can be removed as often as necessary. Read our 5 easy steps for professional results you can easily achieve yourself:

  • Pick the right carpet cleaner for you and your home

You need to decide what carpet cleaner is right for you. Do you need something lightweight to be able to carry up and down stairs? Our Dual Power could be the one. Do you want big and powerful? Our Rapide Ultra 2 is mighty with powerful extraction. Do you want it to have attachments to clean upholstery and stairs for a total home clean? Our Dual Power Reach, Dual V Advance, or our Dual Power Max could be ideal for you. We have a range of carpet cleaners that can cater to your every need! Check all our machines out here.

  • Vacuum first!

You should always give your carpets a thorough vacuum before you use any carpet cleaner. Use your vacuum in slow motions back and forth on your carpet and this should lift the majority of large dirt and debris trapped within the carpet pile. It’s important you do this because if you don’t, a lot of thick dirt and dust can gather at the head of the carpet cleaner, affecting the extraction and suction, not to mention it’ll be harder to clean if you don’t.

  • Target high traffic areas

Where in your home gets trampled on the most? Perhaps it’s the hallway entrance or maybe the space in your living room where your dogs and kids roll around. Target these areas first with our pre-treatment spray. Spray the concentrated solution on the affected areas, let it sit for roughly 30 minutes and clean with a carpet cleaner. This will lift your carpet pile and any embedded, discoloured stains.

  • Use the best cleaning solution for the ultimate clean

There are various bottles of solutions to choose from, so how do you know what’s right for you? Our Ultra+ solution is our best formula yet! You can choose from a variety of pet, allergy and fragrance options for that overdue clean and to guarantee best results.

  • Don’t forget to clean upholstery, stairs and mattresses

If you’ve chosen a machine with a handy upholstery tool, then take advantage of all it has to offer. You can clean stairs (a highly trampled on area), sofas, and mattresses. This way you gain a total home clean and get professional results all around your home- not just beneath your feet.

Now all you have to do is sit back, if it’s a nice day- open the windows, or alternatively turn on the heat and within a matter of hours your carpets will be dry. Getting professional carpet cleaning results yourself is easy with a Vax carpet cleaner. Follow these steps and tell us about how your carpet transformed in the comment section below. Happy Cleaning!

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