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5 Tips For Professional Carpet Cleaning Results

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5 Tips For Professional Carpet Cleaning Results

Thankfully, advances in carpet cleaning technology means that it no longer takes such a substantial effort to achieve just like professional cleaning businesses offer, not to mention at a fraction of the price! Think carpet cleaning, and sometimes long days of meticulously moving around on hands and knees, scrubbing furiously at stains in vain and waiting hours for your carpets to dry are some of the thoughts that spring to mind.

Owning a carpet cleaner now doesn’t mean the bulky appliances of yesteryear that can be a chore to store and heavy to move around. Modern, lightweight models for everyday carpet cleaning are much easier to manoeuvre and take the hassle out of revitalising your carpets. They provide spectacular results and, compared to the services of a professional cleaning business, can pay for themselves in as little as two or three cleans!

Here are our 5 top tips to achieving results just like the professionals in your own home:

  1. Always dry vacuum, think ‘dry before wet’
    It’s a really good idea to begin your carpet cleaning not with your carpet cleaner itself, but with your vacuum cleaner! Even if you’ve recently vacuumed, it’s best to quickly pass around the area to be cleaned, removing the solid dust and debris that your carpet cleaner isn’t designed to collect (and that could lead to a blockage.)This is best done with a powerful vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brushbar, which will agitate and remove debris from deep within the pile. This gives your carpet cleaner the best possible change of removing dirt and stains from as much of the carpet pile as possible.
  2. Pre-treat the most stubborn stains prior to carpet cleaningIf you’re carpet cleaning for the first time, have high-traffic areas like a carpeted entrance hall, or just have carpets that have gone a long time without being cleaned, the chances are dirt and stains have had a long time to settle deep within your carpet’s pile. Add the effect of treading this down as you walk around your home each day, and dirt becomes deeply embedded within your carpets.Such lasting stains often need a little extra help to begin to loosen them from your carpets, before your carpet cleaner can then completely remove these. This is where using a ‘pre-treatment’ product can help. Pre-Treatment solutions work to loosen the most stubborn stains, lifting them from deep within your carpet. Simply apply the pre-treatment solution then continue with your carpet cleaning.Some carpet cleaner models include an application wand specifically designed to dispense Pre-Treatment Solution, but this can also be purchased in a spray bottle for easy, immediate use.
  3. Slow and steady gives the best resultsThis tip is for when you’ve got your carpet cleaner out and have filled the clean water tank with water and solution – you’re ready to carpet clean! When you begin, try to push and pull your carpet cleaner steadily. A good guide is to clean at half the speed you would use your vacuum cleaner at.This gives the water jets in your carpet cleaner chance to push liquid deep into your carpet pile, and for the brushes to work with this to loosen dirt and stains. It also gives your carpet cleaner chance to lift as much of the dirty water as possible when you pull backwards, ensuring the cleanest, driest carpets possible!
  4. Use over-lapping strokes and vary the direction of cleaningNot only can the speed you use your carpet cleaner help to give a brilliant clean, but where you move it matters too! To ensure you clean an entire carpet evenly, vary the direction of your clean and overlap each ‘pass,’ giving thorough coverage of your carpet. Try to avoid cleaning in side-by-side ‘strips,’ as you may do when mowing a lawn, as you don’t want a striped finish to your carpets!A bonus tip! Begin carpet cleaning as far away from the door to a room as possible. You can then work backwards towards the door, meaning you don’t have to step on the area you’ve spent time cleaning, not to mention avoiding damp socks!
  5. After carpet cleaning, rinse your carpetAfter you’ve finished carpet cleaning with your water and solution mix, it’s a good idea to consider rinsing the carpet. Some carpet cleaner models have a designated rinse mode, but even if yours doesn’t, simply swill the clean water tank then fill with plain, lukewarm water, and pass over the carpet in the same way as you did to clean, collecting the plain water.Modern carpet cleaning solutions are designed not to leave a foamy or sticky residue, but think of this like rinsing the soap suds off your dishes before you dry them; you wouldn’t want soapy-tasting dishes!

Have you found our tips helpful? Do you find that your Vax carpet cleaner gives you spectacular-looking carpets? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • cmcdaid

    Hi Deanna. Thanks for you comment! Yes rinsing your carpets is really important. If you’re using shampoo and water then extracting that, there’s bound to be some residue left behind in the carpets. By filling your tank with water and doing the same process again, you’ll find that a lot of suds will be extracted and collected in the dirty water tank. This will give you cleaner, and less sticky results.Keep us updated with your rinsing regime!

  • Great. These are quite different tricks than most DIY carpet cleaning tips. Thank you. I have already used one of the tricks, and it worked perfectly right for my carpets. The solution works wonders for regular stains home carpet cleaning.

  • High traffic areas of your carpet need special attention. There is a high chance that if you have not treated your carpet in a long time, the stains have settled deep within your carpet pile. If you do it at once it might not work, there is a high chance that the stain will spread. For all such cases, you need to pre-treat them for best results. You can find Pre-Treatment Solutions that will help loosen the stain before removing them

  • Pre-treating the most stubborn stains before carpet cleaning is indeed very crucial. Because with time, these stains seep deep through the carpet fibers and can become almost impossible to get rid of.
    Pre-treating solutions available in the stores work great especially baking soda or vinegar.


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