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5 reasons not to hire a carpet cleaner


Owning your carpet cleaner is really beneficial

A lot of people have the misconception that hiring a carpet cleaner is the only way to give your carpets a deep clean and that buying one is too expensive and takes up too much space in your home.  If you’re contemplating hiring a carpet cleaner because you think it’s the best alternative, then maybe these 5 reasons not to hire a carpet cleaner will convince you otherwise.

  • Where has it been?

When hiring a carpet cleaner, you always take the risk of not knowing where it’s been, and more importantly- what it was used to clean. Hired carpet cleaners are used in multiple homes before they reach yours, and although they’re cleaned after each use, it can never be guaranteed that all grime, dirt and germs are removed from the tanks and base of the machine.

People who hire carpet cleaners usually need them for an accidental spill such as children’s sick, dog mess, food or drink spills or in general really dirty carpets. This same machine could then be used on your carpets, transferring the same bacteria from previous homes into yours.

By buying and owning your own carpet cleaner, you’re re-assured that its new, never been used before and only dirt from your home will be in contact with the machine.

  • For one off use only

long or short term usage?

Some intentions for renting a carpet cleaner is for one off use, but this isn’t cost effective or value for money in the long term. When you rent a carpet cleaner you pay a rental fee that covers you for one carpet clean within a specified time frame. However, the cost of using a hired machine only a few times equals what you would pay to own one yourself.

You’ll save more money in the long term when you buy your own and can use it as often as you want to clean carpet, stairs and upholstery for a clean home at your own convenience. Having a carpet cleaner on hand will encourage you to clean your carpets often, and this is really important in maintaining a clean home and prolonging the life of your carpets. Having the hassle of hiring a carpet cleaner for one use can be off-putting, therefore prolonging the dirtiness of your carpets.

  • Oh no! an unexpected spill!

So you’ve just rented your carpet cleaner, used it and your carpets are sparkling. After a long day of cleaning carpets you’ve decide to treat yourself to a glass of wine as you put your feet up… but oh no! You’ve just knocked the glass over onto your freshly clean carpets. If only the carpet cleaner was still there to quickly remove the stain.

Spills and stains can happen quite often and are a common reason to why people invest in carpet cleaners. However it’s important to know that spills can occur at any time and having to rent a carpet cleaner each time can be a pain (especially if it’s just recently after you’ve cleaned them.) If you had your own carpet cleaner stored in the cupboard, the stain would be cleared up in a jiffy with no problem at all.

It’s also important that stains and spills are immediately taken care of. The longer you leave a stain, the longer it has to dry and work deeper into the carpet pile. By the time you do hire a carpet cleaner- the stain will be near impossible to remove. Not to mention more hassle and stress for you.

  • Inconvenience

Hiring a carpet cleaner can be inconvenient and cost more long term

When you hire a carpet cleaner you have to dedicate your whole day to carpet cleaning as the machine needs to be returned by a specific time or within a dedicated time frame. This isn’t always applicable for busy households and things can always get in the way.

By owning your own carpet cleaner you can clean each room in your own time, you’re never in any hurry and it can be spread across as many days to suit you and your family. Vax carpet cleaners are also quick and simple, meaning everything is ready to go when you are and there’s no faffing about or wasting time.

  • Unexpected costs

Consider unexpected costs before renting

What a lot of people don’t realise about renting a carpet cleaner is that there are sometimes unexpected costs. For example, if you buy a bottle of solution to clean your carpets, it may not be enough, meaning you will have to then purchase another. Other costs include travel expenses. More times than often you have to collect the machine and return it yourself to your local store. This not only wastes more time but also money on petrol. Having one waiting for you at home cuts this out and you’ll know exactly how much solution you need so you’ll always be prepared and not get spooked with any unexpected costs.

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Do you prefer to buy a carpet washer as opposed to renting? Leave your comments below.

Happy Cleaning!

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